Tech boom is helping people with snoring and sleep apnea problems

There are new devices out now that are helping cure and improve annoying symptoms. No its not the kind of device that will convert your snoring into music unfortunately.

There are no devices that chemically change the air moving into your body. This in turn lowers the friction which will reduce snoring.

Now just about everyone in the world snores at one point or another. The problem is that, most people don’t know the difference between snoring and sleep apnea.

In cases like this, its important to go and visit your primary care physician. He can help you learn what the difference is and possibly even refer you to a specialist if its needed.

We believe that the technology we are seeing now like the aforementioned snoring device is just the beginning. While these types of devices only treat symptoms, soon we might have better devices that will cure the root of the issue.

Sleep apnea has a lot to do with the throat and how it closes up when the muscle relaxes. In the future there might be a device that can be placed in the throat in order to keep the air way open.

At the moment there are things like robot surgeries that are used. In some cases the robot is controlled over internet with the doctor being miles and miles away.

What if they made a bot that runs on AI that could perform surgeries in order to treat snoring? We have both robot and Ai technologies available.

Its only a mater of time. Perhaps soon. As of lately medical technology has been advancing super quick.

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